PennDel Women of Purpose | 2019 Spring Tour – Berwick AG
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April 6: Berwick AG – Berwick, PA

Register here for the Spring Tour in Berwick, PA!

Registration for tickets – W/Lunch – closes March 25.

Registration for tickets – No Lunch – closes April 6.

Featured Guests

Jennie Puleo

As a published author of Just Enough and an international speaker, Jennie Puleo considers her most important title to be “Natalia’s mom.” Fostering and adoption has been on her heart for years and children are beginning to fill her home. She has always had a deep love for the Lord and her desire to serve and obey Him has carried her through so many of life’s chaotic circumstances: the loss of children, abandonment of a spouse, chronic illness and multiple surgeries. There are so many times and places where God has met her in the middle of a storm! It is now her passion and purpose to share all God has done in and through her life by speaking and writing…and on occasion sharing God’s love with a random stranger. Jennie has seen God provide for her in miraculous ways over the past six years and is eager to tell someone about the goodness of God. or facebook@jenniepuleo.liverestored

Leann Cherry

Leann and her husband, Travis, have 2 children and are co-lead pastors of a new church plant, The Connecting Co. in Jenks, OK.  Leann ministers from a deep place of compassion for women and has a truly unique ability to connect with women on so many levels. She herself was born and raised in a ministry family with a terminally ill child, battled an eating disorder as a teenager, lost a sibling in her senior year of high school, was away from the Lord for a period of time, walked through the pain of 2 miscarriages, experienced some pretty painful seasons in ministry, has been a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a pastor and a pastor’s wife. You will love Leann’s genuine heart and passionate spirit for the Lord and for people.

Ruth Puleo

Ruth Puleo is an international conference speaker, writer, mentor, ordained minister and has served as the Women of Purpose Director for the PennDel Ministries Network of the Assemblies of God for 21 years.  Her gifts have enabled her to plan a large annual women’s conference, administrate Spring Tours throughout the PennDel district and lead mission teams to third world countries ministering to women, children and leaders.  Ruth passionately speaks into the lives of women and girls to inspire them to be courageous and become world changers by the power of the Holy Spirit. Ruth was raised in a Pastor’s home and followed the call of God on her life by partnering with her husband in ministry for over 42 years. Together they have raised their three children with the same passion for ministry and the ultimate blessing of eight precious grandchildren.


Ruth will be sharing how God, in His divine and sovereign way, could take a girl with little promise and use her to fulfill God’s call on her life.  In spite of what others thought, God knew she was “CREATED FOR THIS.”  If God can call and use Ruth, He can use anyone. He can use YOU!


Berwick AG
801 E 5th St
Berwick, PA 18603
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