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Miracle on Your Street

Miracle on 34th Street is an irresistible fable that has, for many years, become synonymous with celebrating Christmas. What draws people to this heartfelt movie during the Christmas season is the yearning we all have to see dreams fulfilled and hopes come true. Everyone is encouraged and inspired when they hear an account of a single mom and her daughter finding what they are longing for – the hope that good, kind, and generous people still exist today, the extraordinary happens and genuine love is possible.

This Christmas we have experienced a MIRACLE ON OUR STREET. Just days after the Women of Purpose Conference, my husband, John, was scheduled for a heart catheterization. We were expecting a simple procedure with the possibility of a stint installed for greater blood flow. It would result in one overnight at the hospital and all would be good.

This procedure was not scheduled due to any obvious signs of heart trouble, but rather, it was the death of John’s two brothers within 13 months of each other that signaled the importance of getting his own heart checked out. He had a stress test done in September, but no follow up from that test was requested. It just so happened that John had an annual check-up with his cardiologist scheduled for November 1st.

It was his cardiologist who read the results of the stress test and showed concern for the obvious lack of blood flow to John’s lower third of his heart. As a result of the catheterization, John was scheduled for emergency Open Heart Surgery that same week. His heart ended up needing a Quintuple By-Pass. The surgeon and cardiologist agreed that John’s life had been spared by John’s proactive response to a “spirit-led” prompting without any of the usual warning symptoms of heart trouble. God truly gave us the “Miracle of Life” by sparing John’s life this Christmas.

Just as we are so thankful for this natural gift of life, breath, and the promise of full restoration for John’s heart, so we realize that everyone has an even greater MIRACLE ON YOUR STREET awaiting you. That miracle is New Life available to each and every one who embraces the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, who was born in a manger on Christmas Day. His birth and kingly reign did not come the way most people expected, but none the less, it is a miracle of God that brings hope, promise, and dreams fulfilled for all who believe. It can bring a miracle to your heart, home, and family this Christmas, if you embrace the full extent of what Christ did when He came in human form, to live and die for your sins.

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” Isaiah 9:6 NLT.

I grew up in a home of faith. My parents presented the hope of Jesus’ birth to me at a young age. And yet, today, I marvel at the miracle of Christ’s birth and the promise it brings to every part of my life. My prayer for you this Christmas is that you will receive a MIRACLE ON YOUR STREET by embracing all that Christ has done for you.

Perhaps you have already received the Gift of New Life, but this Christmas, you need a revelation of even greater life that God has in store for all of us whose hope is in the Lord. May that revelation come as a Christmas gift to you that brings unexpected blessings your way!

Ruth Puleo
Ruth Puleo

Ruth Puleo is an ordained minister, conference speaker, writer, mentor, and serves as the Women of Purpose Director for the Penn-Del District of the Assemblies of God. She passionately seeks to impact the lives of women and girls with courage and inspiration to follow God’s call on their lives. Ruth and her husband, John were called to pastoral ministry for 38 years while raising their three children. The ultimate blessing has been the gift of eight precious grandchildren.