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A Grasshopper Mentality

Isn’t the reason God brings us out of the slavery to this world so that He can bring us into a new land?



Yet we come back with fruit our hands, like the Israelites, and fear in our hearts. Fear so enveloped us that we are sure God is setting us up to fail. We acknowledge the fruit is huge and the land is fertile, but our problems are like giants and the land is too large to conquer.



Like the Israelites, we declare,



“We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”



The Israelite enemy wasn’t on the outside it was on the inside. It wasn’t the giants in the land that threatened to defeat them it was the giants of low self-esteem and low self-worth within them. All their lives they were the underdogs so it stands to reason that their past was present with them. What they knew to be true in their heads and what they saw with their own eyes couldn’t stand up to what they felt in their hearts.



The Israelites were only 18 inches from victory—so close but yet so far!



It’s amazing that how we see ourselves is the way we think everybody sees us, and the way we feel becomes our reality. The question I have for you is,



“Do you see yourself with a grasshopper mentality?”



Allow me to give you some interesting grasshopper facts:



  • Grasshoppers travel in large numbers but have absolutely no purpose. Because they travel in such large numbers they obscure the sun and hide the light.
  • Grasshoppers are destructive; they ravage the land without replenishing it or contributing to it in any way.
  • Grasshoppers have an unusual habit of eating one another instead of eating other insects. In other words, they eat their own kind.
  • Grasshoppers are the chief target or prey of other insects and reptiles.
  • Grasshoppers when attacked, instead of fighting back by using their strong jaws to bite or their amazing ability to jump onto higher ground—they usually exhibit no movement at all. They blend into their surroundings, frozen in fear.
  • All types of filthy flies, full of bacteria, lay their eggs and hatch their young on the backs of grasshoppers. The baby flies eat their way through the eggshell, eating the grasshopper alive in the process, and the grasshopper just sits there and allows it to happen. Can you see the typology in this?*



Maria Durso will be speaking at our Spring Tour event in Houston, PA on March 30th! Click here for more details and to register! See the personal invitation from Maria Durso below:



On March 30th an incredible banquet is being prepared for you. The table is now being set for the releasing of His divine presence that will change the climate of our hearts. I know that as we hear the word of the Lord we will all leave filled and satisfied as the Holy Spirit falls in our midst.  

Come expecting great things for your own life as I share how God has delivered me from great bondage and hear of the many miracles He has performed in my life.


Maria Durso


*Excerpt from From Your Head to Your Heart: The Change you Long for is 18 Inches Away by Maria Durso. Used with permission.


About the Author:



Maria is living proof that a childhood devastated by loss and abuse, leading to drug addiction and abandonment doesn’t stop God from creating a mighty vessel of honor, an intercessor and soldier of the faith! She is armed with discernment and has insight into the true character of God. Maria is honest about herself and down to earth causing her to be a powerful speaker. After a life conversion, she married Michael Durso. Together they pastor Christ Tabernacle in Bronx, NY. Her life story is told in her first book, From Your Head to Your Heart.  She and Michael are blessed with three married sons in the ministry and the joys of eight grandchildren.

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