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90’s Karaoke and Time With Jesus

Jesus said to them, `Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.’ Mark 6:31-33 (WE)

I was in the middle of baking four dozen chocolate cupcakes. Both my daughters have birthdays the same week and I was knocking out this task while they were at school one morning. I decided I would blast some of my favorite musical hits from my younger years while they weren’t around since I wouldn’t receive any flack or questions like, “what is this stuff?” or “how could you listen to this?” I was a few songs in to my personal karaoke session (fully equipped with wooden spoon-mic) when I started to feel this little nudge on my heart.

It felt similar to the way God will correct me at times, so I responded with, “but there’s nothing wrong with the lyrics.” I was just having a little fun; dancing around my kitchen, singing songs from my youth- at the top of my lungs. He responded back with, “but it’s not time with Me.

The weight of this truth rested heavy on me. Time that I could’ve been filling my heart and mind with worship and praise and joy, I was wasting on words and chords that would leave me empty and not provide any value or added benefit to my life.

Not bad. But not the best.

When every moment as a single, working mom is filled to the brim with schedules and activity, it’s vital to your well-being to be intentional with how you occupy any free time. It’s been imperative over the past six years that I saturate my mind with the truth of God’s word and spend time in worship and prayer all throughout the day. This keeps my perspective in tune with His and my heart dependent on Him and nothing else. I’m able to hear His heartbeat for my circumstances so much quicker and the need to be self-reliant creeps up must less often.

When you are in battle, it’s important to remain close to the General.

When I chose to begin my baking karaoke session, I felt like I was experiencing a moment of perceived rest, which is entirely NOT the case. As Christians, we must always remain on guard. The enemy wants to cause confusion and give us a false sense of security. He wants us to be okay with spending less and less time with God. He wants to distract us. He will help us justify our actions as they progressively move us further and further from the Lord. He wants us to view the mundane, simple, not-so-bad things as acceptable so that we slowly infiltrate them into our daily lives more and more until we have no margin of time left for God.

Jesus will beckon you to rest with Him in seasons of calm and even in seasons of chaos. It’s imperative to be leaning on Him and learning from Him in both seasons.

There was nothing “wrong” about my little 90’s flash-back session, but anything that fills time God wants to spend with us is disobedience. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned to be true, when He has something to say to me, I want to hear it!

Try to find moments and places in your day where you can get away with Jesus. Listen to Him when He is calling you to spend time with Him. I know that He can’t wait to meet you right where you are today.


Jennie Puleo considers her most important title to be ‘mother’. It’s always been her dream job. She considers it an honor to be called “Natalia’s mom”. Fostering and adoption has been on her heart for years and recently more children have been filling her home again.

Other titles Jennie currently holds are Registered Nurse, Executive Assistant, International Speaker, and President of Live Restored, Inc.

Jen has always had a deep love for the Lord, and her desire to serve and obey Him has carried her through so many of life’s chaotic circumstances. The loss of children, abandonment of spouse, chronic illness, multiple surgeries; so many times and places where God has met her in the middle of a storm! It is now her passion and purpose to share all God has done in and through her by speaking and writing…and on occasion, sharing God’s love with a random stranger at a grocery store or in a doctors office.

To hear more of her story, order her latest book JUST ENOUGH: Grace. Provision. Hope. on!

Jennie Puleo can be contacted at where she welcomes any questions, comments or requests for speaking engagements.

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